Your Publishing Biz Review – Self publishing Guide To Taking Amazon Kindle By Storm!

Your Publishing Biz Review and Bonuses

Your Publishing Biz Review – Self publishing Guide To Take Amazon Kindle By Storm

Your Publishing Biz Review knows somewhere inside of everyone there’s a book waiting to be written. We all have our own unique stories and experiences that others can learn from and be entertained. Now there’s a new training that is creating top selling Low Content Kindle Books on Amazon created by self publishing beginners like you and me. Throw your misconceptions about being an author out the window because these books require Zero words to write. Low content is the name of the game and this Your Publishing Review is going to show you how easy it is.

And now, Low Content books are HOT!

But only if you do it right, as shown in this new self publishing course.

Your Publishing Review – Benefits of Self Publishing for Beginners

Are your ideas turning about creating or writing a book? There can be many benefits of becoming a self-publishing writer. Here are a few t think about before writing your book:

Being a Self-published writer

  • You can make your own schedule. Create or Write your book as fast or slow as you like.
  • Be there for family and friends when help is needed, not stuck at the office.
  • You are not trading time for money like a traditional 9 to 5.
  • The books you write now will keep selling day after day year after year. – Passive Income
  • You can fulfill your dream about being a published author.
  • Adds extra money to the family income to afford vacations, pay debts, college funds, retirement, etc.
  • You make make money working from home doing the things you love.

Your Publishing Biz Review – Benefits Of Writing a Self Published Book

  • Creative freedom for self-publishers
    You can write or create low content books about whatever topic you want without having to be approved by a publishing firm or editor. Contents, book covers, and layouts are all in your control.
    however sometimes you may want to use designers, proofreaders, or editors to assist, but the ultimate say and control of the book is yours.
  • Publishing guarantee. You have full control over your book and it will get published. There will be no last-minute cancellations by the editor.
  • No schedules for book completion
    There are hard schedules for you to maintain. Write when you can, but still have a scheduled start and end date that works with your system.
  • Self Publishers don’t pay royalties to a publisher. This means you see more of the profits.100% minus Amazon’s cut.
  • Self publishers have 100% ownership of rights. Traditional publishers offer book deals that grant them exclusive rights to the books content and can reprint, create merchandise, or even make a movie based on the book. Being self published, you control those rights, unless Hollywood offers a movie deal. Imagine…

Your Publishing Biz Review – Mistakes To Avoid For Self Published Writers

Not Writing to a Specific Target Audience

One of the biggest mistake most e-book authors make which can derail any efforts of having a top-selling book is they don’t write to a specific target audience. Doing the research before writing your book is key. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. To be successful, you must write and appeal to a target group of people who have that specific interest.

The Title and Cover Isn’t Attention Grabbing

Unfortunately, we do judge books by their covers and they play a large role in whether someone buys your book or not. Titles and covers draw the reader to your book. A boring title or crappy cover can turn off a potential reader even if they were interested in the book’s subject matter. A cover should look professional. The title should be easy to read, even in the tiny thumbnail shown on retail sites. When creating your e-book titles, use words that convey the benefit of what’s in the e-book, and words your audience is familiar with. A solid understanding of copywriting can help with the title creation process.

Book Covers a Broad Subject Without Having Much Depth

What exactly is your book about? Specifically. Focus your writing and create some material the reader can sink their teeth into. Diluting with a broad topic will hurt your book sales. Readers expect good content and detail so don’t disappoint.

Writing and Publishing Books Nobody Will Buy

The books may be written poorly, use information that readers can get for free, or cover a topic that doesn’t have a significant audience. Trying to make money as fast as possible, some people think if they slap something together and publish it to Amazon that they will become an automatic sensation. This is far from the truth.

The books might be poorly written, has content that readers can get for free, or the book can simply be about a topic that few people are interested in.

To solve these problems, this takes the research that every writer should be doing before writing a book. This will avoid the total waste of time and effort.

They Are Not Marketing Their Books

Amazon does a good job of marketing or advertising your book, if you did everything Amazon likes with your titles and description. However, just because your book is online and listed on Amazon doesn’t mean people will find it and buy.

Marketing your Amazon Kindle book starts with knowing who the reader is, where you can find them, and how you can attract them to your book.

After publishing your book, get reviews and set up a website (if you don’t already have one).

Use your email list to promote current and upcoming books. If you don’t have an email list, start one. You can also promote your books on social media pages, and other networks.

Why Use Amazon Kindle To Sell Your Books?

Your Publishing Biz review reveals creating low content books and Amazon Kindle books can be very profitable, even for new writers. However, this business doesn’t make hundreds or thousands per sale. To be successful, and profitable, you need to sell high numbers of books.

Your Publishing Biz Review – Disadvantages of Writing Books for Amazon Kindle

  • KDP clause. You cannot sell your Kindle book anywhere else but Amazon.
  • Self published writers often don’t have marketing skills that will help boost sale.
  • Self published writers aren’t familiar with Optimizing their book the way Amazon needs it to be for ease of advertising. The titles, descriptions, keywords, format all play a role.

Your Publishing Biz Review – Advantages of Writing Books for Amazon Kindle

  • It’s Free. Amazon doesn’t charge you to publish your book, only when you sell it.
  • Kindle books are usually shorter in length than traditional books but should be just as informative or entertaining with the topic.
  • Any one can be an author if they want. Do you have a million-dollar book idea?
  • Kindle books can be written quickly.
  • Kindle books can be read on practically any device you own.
  • Amazon handles the details. Amazon lists it on their site, handles payment, and delivery of the book to the customer.

How To Start Your Amazon Kindle Book Business

I’m not going to say that it’s easy to sell millions of copies of your book on Amazon, but considering all of the advantages of publishing a book on Kindle, as we’ve seen in my Your Publishing Biz Review, you may as well give it a shot!

Are you ready to publish an Amazon Kindle book yet? If not, what’s holding you back. Now is the time. Here is the training!

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Your Publishing Biz Review

What Is Your Publishing Biz?

Your Publishing Biz is the Newest Training for any Self Publisher or Newbie, to learn How to Create Low Content Kindle Books That Sell and… How To Sell More of Your Amazon Kindle Books using  Hidden Keys To Open the Traffic Gates on Amazon

Your Publishing Biz Review discovered this product, Your Publishing Biz, contains over 40 In-depth video trainings and two pieces of software.

With software and training in one package, Creating Low Content Books to Publish on Amazon Kindle has never been easier.

What are low content books?

Low Content Books can include puzzle books, activity books, coloring books, or journals for example. These books are easy to make and requires no skill or know how. And thousands of these books are being sold everyday on Amazon.

How Will Your Publishing Biz Help Start a Self Publishing Business with Low Content Books?

Your Publishing Biz is a business in a box. In it you will find detailed video training and software that creates either word search puzzles or coloring book images.

You can start from the beginning if you are new to self-publishing in general with the videos starting with the Beginner then move to the Basic Training section which contains thirteen videos on low content Kindle books concepts.

The Basics section is large and full of important info. The videos in here cover everything like types of books to prices, using pen names, and more.

The next 11 videos are in the ‘Your First Book’ section. Here the creation and publication of a real book is shown step by step. All you need to do is follow along to create your own first book, and publish it on the Amazon marketplace.

Your Publishing Biz review shows You do not need any previous knowledge or skills to publish your first book!

your publishing biz review

How Much Is Your Publishing Biz?

Your Publishing Biz will cost $37 when it launches on July 15 at 10 am EST.

What You Are Getting Inside Your Publishing Biz

  • Complete Training About How To Start Your Own Self Publishing Business
  • Over 40 Instructional Videos
  • Step By Step Over The Shoulder Case Study Of Creating and Publishing A Book On the Amazon KDP Platform
  • Software That Creates Word Search Puzzles And Coloring Book Pages
  • Invite To A Private Facebook Group With Over 3000 Members

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Are There Any Upsells?

There is only one upsell inside the Your Publishing Biz Funnel.

It’s a collection of interviews with highly successful Amazon Kindle self publishers.

You’ll see inside what these authors do to be so successful and how you can model them. You’ll hear some “golden nuggets” that will get you ahead of the competition.

For this wealth of information, only $24.95.

Are There Your Publishing Biz Bonuses?


If Your Publishing Biz interests you and you buy through this page, you will receive the following Custom Bonuses:

Your Publishing Biz Review Bonuses

  1. Self Publishing Profits – Checklists
    Use these checklists to stay on track and grow your publishing business.
  2. Your Invitation from Me To Join a Marketing Mastermind Group where they not only show how to create an online business, they will pay you to take their internet marketing and traffic training if you sign up through me.
  3. Online Business Success Workbook – Fail to Plan…Plan To Fail. Use this workbook to keep focused on the task at hand. This planner is meant for your Online Business, but really can be used to plan anything.
  4. 10 Extra IM Training Bonus Packs – 10 High Quality Full length Video IM training with eBook Pdf companion.
  5. WP Affiliate Suite – A total WordPress package! WordPress training to Build and Rank your website, Affiliate Marketing training,and a custom SEO optimized theme for your new website! Build a successful Affiliate Marketing business. Anyone can do this because all the tools are here.
  6. Ultimate Ad Playlist – Your Playlist for how to guides on every relevant ads platform. 100+ Videos
  7. Vendor Bonuses

–> To get these Custom Bonuses FREE of charge Click this link –> GO To The Your Publishing Biz sales page, Buy this new training, and your Bonuses will be Waiting For You in the WarriorPlus product access area.

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Your Publishing Biz Review
The Good
  • In depth training by a Kindle Expert
  • 40+ Video Training Modules
  • Given Software and Training to have Your First Book made by end of course
The Bad
  • Might be a little daunting for some at first. Take your time you can do it.
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