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I’m Daryl Heffernan and welcome to my website AffiliateMarketingHowTo.com.

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This site is not for reviewing every internet marketing product, software, or training, only the good ones. The ones that I either use myself or ones I feel will benefit you when building an affiliate marketing business.

I want to help people who, as I did, get lost in the make money online niche. By lost I mean getting into the cycle of buying MMO products, using it for a brief time, but because  we didn’t see results from it fast enough, it didn’t work or had bugs (software), got distracted by another product that promised to a little more than the last one you bought, or we got lazy and didn’t put the time in to make the software or training work. I am guilty.

Stop buying and start selling is what a coach said to me when I first started online. Well, that’s easier said than done when for the last 23 years of my life I worked as a certified tradesman in the construction industry. Both Civil and Oil and Gas.

I didn’t know how to sell online. I also didn’t have a clue about WordPress, making a landing page, finding the right niche and offers, and certainly nothing about building an email list or getting traffic.

Fast forward through a struggle to figure out what I really wanted with this affiliate marketing thing. I knew I wanted more than the couple hundred bucks a month so that required me to stop treating it like a hobby.

The group that really turned it around for me was Wayne Crowe’s Traffic Dominators.

I highly recommend his free list building training. You can join the group and get started even if on a budget. Wayne provides the tools and training along with constant support for questions from Wayne and the other group members.

Go here for more info about Traffic Dominators and Wayne Crowe.

Email me @ daryl @ affiliatemarketinghowto dot com.