EZDeals Review – Create Powerful Deal Pages and Online Directories For Local Businesses

EZDeals Review and Bonus

EZDeals Review – How To Create Powerful Deal Pages and Online Directories For Local Businesses

In this EZDeals Review I’d like to show how local marketers can use a new software called, EZDeals, to help local businesses get more customers and sales. But before you build your first EZDeals Customer’s Deal Page, you should have a plan and strategy before starting. To make the process work better, try using these 5 steps to get more customers for your local business clients. (If you aren’t already using them.)

Here are five basic steps to promote local businesses to get more customers

1.Plan the process. Who, What, where, how, Percent of discount for deal or coupon? How will your customers see the deal? Consult with the client.
2. Advertise with local audience targeting. Local businesses want local customers, not people outside it.
3. Use a Blog or website strategy. Local Business SEO, GMB
4. Post locally appealing content on your blog and social media
5. Set up an online directory.

What’s an Online Directory?

A basic definition of an online directory is a collection of businesses listed for easy reference by customers in one location.

Why are Local Business Directories powerful?

Potential Customers can access an online directory to find a local business and see what deals or coupons they’re offering at the moment. The deal page is a full page advertisement of the Local Business’ deal or discount. Every business in every niche could be listed in one Local Online Directory to serve a specific area.

If a local marketer controlled one of these local business directory sites, each business in his local area could be paying a monthly fee to have their own deal page and as another service or upsell, their own listing and profile page in the local online directory.

And they would love you for it! But what is the easiest way to create deal pages or coupon sites for your local business??

EZDeals Review – New Software Creates Local Business Deal Pages And Online Directories Without Huge Expense of Sites Like Groupon.

Local Marketers, this EZDeals review is going to help You Help Your Local Business Clients Bounce Back!

The last year has been hard for everyone, especially our local businesses. Crowd restrictions have forced many to close their doors with only Online Ordering and delivery service.

Low revenues have also forced small businesses to lower their advertising and marketing budgets. With these smaller budgets, they can’t afford to use sites like Groupon to create a deal and hype around their business.

Deals are always hot-selling services because they attract so many customers but local businesses do not have access to any technology that creates deal pages at affordable prices.

On July 16, You can offer these businesses an alternative to Deal and Coupon Sites like Groupon with EZDeals.

EZDeals Review Asks – What Is EZDeals? What Does It Do?

EZDeals is a premium deals page creator for marketers to make Deal Pages for businesses at an affordable cost.

The EZDeals page creator has many different layouts of deal pages for various niches that can be used to make gorgeous pages for your clients. Most layouts and templates are for local business niches but there also some online niche layouts and templates as well.

EZDeals Software can be used by new or existing businesses to boost the online sales of their product or service. I found it very easy to use and it created some nice, high converting, scarcity-driven deal pages in just a few clicks, even though I haven’t used the software before.

EZDeals Overview

EZDeals Review discovered some of the Impressive Features

Inside EZDealz are money-making features that make the software create beautiful and effective (converting) pages you won’t find anywhere else.

EZDeals is Tuned for HIGH CONVERSIONS… Video Embedding, Countdown timers, Limited Quantities and more to help your clients send their sales into overdrive!

MOBILE OPTIMIZED… The deals pages look awesome and work perfectly on any screen size or device.

PUSH-BUTTON SIMPLE… No coding, plugins or design tools. Create killer deals pages in a few simple clicks!

FULLY FLEXIBLE… Customize everything or just use the templates out of the box. Perfect for beginners or pros!

NO MONTHLY FEES… Unlike most page builder tools, there’s zero monthly fees or hidden costs. And no hosting fees either!

EZDeals could easily replace Clickfunnels or similar services for Local Businesses as their Deal Page creator.

How Can Local Marketers Use EZDeals To Help Local Businesses?

This EZDeals review shows that with just the Front End version, Local marketers can use EZDeals to create unique Deal Pages for local businesses that showcase their discounts, sales or coupons. This can eliminate expensive software or relying on expensive promotion tools like Groupon.

EZDeals Review – Why Will Local Businesses Buy EZDeals Pages or Listings?

Local businesses will want this service purely for the value of the ability to reach their targeted local audience with deals or discounts on their own page without having a huge expense to do it.

Most small businesses are on a shoestring budget so EZDeals will be providing a top-notch service at a fair and reasonable price.

EZDeals also allows those businesses who are using tools like Clickfunnels to ditch the huge monthly bills without getting the value out of the tools because they don’t know how to use it.

EZDeals eliminates expensive advertising or split cost scenarios like Groupon. With Groupon, your service cost is forced to be 50% off normal price in order to be listed on Groupon. Out of that 50%, Groupon takes a 50% cut. So, when you start doing the math it can get expensive and it’s not profitable. Businesses are looking for an alternative.

To see a EZdeals Review Demo Site click here.

Benefits Of Buying EZDeals Today Through this EZDeals Review Link

  • Create up to 100 deals pages for 100 local businesses in any town, city or state!
  • Lease these deals page sites and collect a sweet passive income every single month!
  • Inside there are ready-made deals pages templates waiting to be customized for your paying clients!
  • EZDeals uses Thank you pages that upsell more products, and gets your deals shared!
  • The Built-in social sharing brings FREE customers!
  • Ready-to-go retargeting technology!
  • 100% mobile-optimized designs!
  • Powerful reporting and page manager backend!
  • Profitable service that clients will pay you for TODAY!
  • Start creating pages and collecting cash in minutes!
  • No hosting or hidden costs, ever!
  • Plus $1000’s in client-getting tools and Custom Bonuses from affiliatemarketinghowto.com, yours free!

Attention Smart Marketers, with one of the add-ons inside EZDeals, YOU can build your own Local Online Directory.
Local businesses can pay a monthly fee to have their business listed. And as an Upsell, Charge Extra Monthly for Premium Listings that include profile and deals pages with more of a monthly charge could apply.

Imagine The Possibilities…if you Use The Link On This Page.

The opportunities for the marketer to make money And Help Local businesses with EZDeals is outstanding.

EZDeals also comes with some Custom Bonuses…

How Much Is EZDeals?

When EZDeals launches, it will be on an Earlybird Special for the first five hours of Only $27. After the Earlybird, the price will increase and finally finish at the end of launch at $47

What Are the EZDeals OTOs?

OTO 1 – EZDeals Hub $67

  • Have your own city to host all your deal pages
  • Comes with all options to Upload Logo, customize Colors and make their own for maximum results!
  • Bonuses will include having a CNAME Option so they can host on their own server
  • Many more options including prospecting and sales tools.

OTO 2 – EZDeals Revenue Booster $97

Boost results FAST with options like:

  • Featured Company (Top of Search Results)
  • Business Profile Page (Can be imported or add manually)
  • Pictures, Videos, Testimonials, Reviews
  • Pull in from Yelp and Other sites (Checking API)
  • EZDeals Pages

OTO 3 – EZDeals Client Finder $47 – $197

Automatically Fill Your Directory with Local Businesses  $47 Quarterly, $197 One-time

  • Find Clients for EZDeals Pages and Hub Directory
  • Bonus: EZ Deals HubConnect
  • Populates directory with local businesses
  • Sends out prospecting letters to have businesses claim and verify their listing

OTO 4 – EZDeals Masterclass Training $197

Get Up and Running In 24 Hours

  • How to get started with EZ Deals
  • Where to find Clients for EZ Deals
  • What to say to Clients
  • How to Price Services

EZDeal OTO 5 – EZDeals Agency $297 – $497

$297 – 5 Hub Sites
$497 – 25 Hub Sites

Get EZDeals Agency License for Creating 5 Hub Sites or 25 Hub Sites.

Are There EZDeals Review Bonuses?

YES there are bonuses. These are going to work with EZDeals to get the most out of the software and training.

  1. Local Marketing Takeover – Your Action Plan for becoming a Local Marketing Magnet that attracts Local Clients with money in hand.
  2. Exceptional Emails – My own product with partner Andy Waring. Email strategies for you to use and develop a better relationship with your email list. Get more opens, clicks and sales with this 5 part training.
  3. Local Niche Article Pack – Blogs and articles go hand hand with Online Directories and Deal Pages. Use these articles for your local niche websites and Blogs to drive even more traffic to the sites and deal pages.
  4. Online Business Success Workbook – 5 video local niche pack. Use in your local video promos or in your blogs to grab attention and drive traffic to your deal pages.
  5. SureFire Local Launch Pad – Learn to stand out from the crowd in your Local Market. Pin-point the problems the businesses are having and provide solutions. Also learn how you can turn those solutions into new business models.
  6. Killer Copy Secrets – SHHHH! The Secret Is out! You need copy in everything you do online. Improve your copywriting skills with these Secrets and write better ads, more engaging content, and finally write blog posts that sell.
  7. Vendor Bonuses – These Bonuses are provided by the vendor and are inside EZDeals.
EZDeals Review
The Good
  • Helps Local Businesses and Economy
  • Deals and Coupons proven to be Valuable and Effective ways to promote businesses
  • Quality, High-Converting pages with share functions
  • Finds businesses in need for you.
The Bad
  • Haven't found the bad in this products so far.

EZDeals Review Conclusion – Is EZDeals Worth It?

EZDeals really is a winner for both the marketer and Local business.

The automation of this cloud based software makes it easy to use and builds very nice deal pages for your clients. This saves a lot of work for the marketer and the client will be beyond happy with the quality of the EZDeals page.

EZDeals is well worth the Low Launch Price!

This is a Winning Strategy for Local Marketers, Agencies, and Consultants and gives Local Business a Quality Service that will Boost customers and sales for them. And for that, they will happily pay you month after month.

If you made it to the end of this EZDeals Review, you are Interested in this Proven Strategy that could make you a Local Business Online Landlord, so go to the sales page and give EZDeals a run and Don’t Miss the Bonuses!

Ezdeals local business deal software

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