Fusedd Review and Bonuses for Automated Affiliate Marketing.

Fusedd Review and Custom Bonuses

What If you could automate affiliate marketing to make money online? Would it make it easier for you to see results? That was the goal of Mark Bishop, Venkata Romana, and Nakul when they were developing Fusedd. In order to make money online constantly you need a proven system, you also have to pick the right product, and you have to drive the right traffic… lots of traffic, day in day out. Read my Fusedd Review and Bonuses to see how this NEW cloud-based app can help your affiliate marketing.

For most people traffic is the big problem

Did you know that the fastest way to drive targeted prospects through your affiliate link is with paid traffic? But that can be a real problem if you’re just getting started, or if you are on a budget. 

If you use paid traffic, and the ‘traditional’ method of affiliate marketing – where people have to purchase a product or service for you to make a commission – it can be expensive and you can lose a lot of money if your prospects fail to buy for any reason.
And if you’re using some of the expensive traffic methods like Google or Facebook Ads (which most people recommend), it can be a costly ‘learning curve’.

fusedd review


On Wednesday September 16,2020 Mark Bishop, Venkata Romana, and Nakul are launching their latest affiliate marketing system that makes affiliate commissions without having to sell anything, FUSEDD.

What is Fusedd?

Fusedd is a cloud based app used to automate affiliate marketing to make money online. It automates the creation of entire affiliate marketing campaigns using the CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Marketing method.

The great thing about the CPA Method is that you don’t need to make sales to make money.

You can get paid by prospects performing actions like ‘free signs ups’ and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that it’s easier to get someone to ‘sign up’ for a free gift than it is to get them to take their wallet out of their pocket and buy something…

So if you’ve tried and failed with the traditional style of affiliate marketing, pay attention to this method.

Fusedd works by building affiliate pages to promote CPA offers and driving traffic to them using Paid Ads. Ads are generated automatically by Fusedd, which is really useful if you’re new to the world of Pay Per Click…

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It works in 3 steps:

1) Select a profitable product
2) Create a ‘done for you’ affiliate page
3) Promote with paid traffic

Everything is automated. The software even creates profitable ads for you, so you don’t need ANY experience to get profitable affiliate marketing campaigns up and running with this!

Fusedd sets up profitable affiliate campaigns – that would take weeks to execute manually – in just a few minutes!

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Is Fusedd a scam?

Fusedd is not a scam. The developers behind Fusedd are seasoned affiliates with a track record of not only success in affiliate marketing, but also a track record in developing automated marketing tools.

I hope this Fusedd review and bonuses give real value in your decisions to use this software.

Fusedd does deliver what it promises. In fact, considering it’s an automation tool (which can sometimes be hit and miss) the ‘done for you’ elements of Fusedd, such as the one click affiliate page are actually really high quality. The ads the software generates are also really good too. Being honest, the tool is the real deal.

How much money can you make with Fusedd?

Fusedd review
Automate Affiliate Marketing

There is no set limit on how much money you can make with Fusedd. The more products you promote, the more campaigns you have up and running, the more traffic you have, the more you will make….

The standard version or Fusedd – Core enables you to create 10 campaigns per month, which is more than enough to make regular commissions (and build your list, which is a secondary benefit).

So if you have money to invest, you can realistically expect to make $10-$50 per day pretty quickly. The $100+ days will come in time, when you have more campaigns up and running…

Pros and Cons of FuseddFusedd logo


Fusedd is probably the most ‘hands off’ affiliate solution that is on the market to date. It really does enable you to set up entire affiliate campaigns extremely quickly.

Of course you can do all of these steps manually, but for the price of Fusedd, which is extremely affordable right now, there is no benefit of doing it all yourself. Especially if you’re new to the game without the experience of ‘product selection’, ‘hosting’, ‘coding’, ‘pay per click’ and the like…

Fusedd has only recently launched and the price is increasing incrementally over time, so take a look ASAP if you think you might be keen to invest. It’s actually a really worth investment!

The Pros

First, the guys who developed this software know affiliate marketing inside out. You don’t have to look far to see their names on affiliate marketing leader boards (as top affiliates), so when you’re looking to automate the steps involved in affiliate marketing, there are few more experienced people than the team of Mark, Venkata and Nakul.

The software itself automates each step of setting up CPA Affiliate Marketing campaigns. It does each step extremely quickly and extremely well. And being based on CPA, it means you don’t have to make sales to make money; which is extremely useful in the current economic climate.

Of course, you still need to do a bit of work (for example, you need to actually select the product you’re promoting) and you’ll need to do the basics like sign up to the CPA Network and link your paid traffic account.

No worries, all training is provided inside. Even more CPA training is included in my Custom Bonuses. But all of the technical work, i.e. affiliate page creation, is automated by the software. Created simply by you clicking the mouse.

This means you can have affiliate marketing campaigns set up and making money extremely quickly. In as little as minutes after you’ve signed up for everything to get started.

The Cons

I’ve tried to find a ‘bad’ to make this review balanced but being honest, it’s a really good software for people looking to get into affiliate marketing.

If I was being super critical, I’d say the 10 campaign per month limit on the standard version of Fusedd is going to limit the earning capability for those looking to make the BIG BUCKS…

You’re probably going to start with $10-$50 per day with this and have to work your way up to $100+ over several months…

If you do want to jump straight into that $100+ per day territory, you will probably need to upgrade after purchase…

BUT other than that, there’s little to report. The software does what it says on the tin and works.

>> Click here to check out my Fusedd Review and Custom Bonuses here.

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