RAIID Affiliate System Review

Raiid Review and Custom Bonuses

What is Raiid?

Raiid is a cloud based Affiliate System unlike everything out there. This Self-Contained system puts automation into a proveen formula that allows anyone that uses the system to make affiliate commissions in any ClickBank niches, even if you’ve never done affiliate marketing before.

Raiid Affiliate

Raiid Affiliate System

How does Raiid Work?

Raiid builds fully hosted assets while generating profits today.

In a nutshell… Raiid users get to plug into a proven affiliate formula without needing any experience and without having any additional cost beyond the purchase of Raiid.

Raiid is the first software tool to connect with ClickBank, and build you profitable affiliate campaigns in any niche from a seed keyword.

Once you activate Raiid, the software will find and match content to the target product, it will embed your affiliate link, create a hosted CBA hub, and let you syndicate across 5 high traffic platforms for instant traffic, traction and potential sales.

Raiid executes and automates the ClickBank formula for you … so you don’t need to figure it all out or waste time manually completing each step.

Forget learning curves, tech, know how and additional costs, you don’t need any of that. In fact, forget everything you think you know about generating online income because this isn’t like anything you’ve seen or tried before…

Raiid Demo

Raiid Demo from Engageleads on Vimeo.

3 Steps To Activate Raiid

1. Research: Instantly unlock the best selling CB products in any niche

2. Create: Raiid finds & creates content posts to match chosen products. Each post embeds user affiliate links automatically.

3. Send Free Traffic: Syndicate each CB content post across multiple high traffic platforms (with built in links).

Raiid Assets are EVERGREEN… Raiid builds assets for passive results while it generates affiliate profits in the short term.

Benefits of Using Raiid

Raiid is designed for Newbies, but even experienced affiliate marketers can take advantage of this clever system and Clickbank to create another, highly profitable, passive income stream.

This Low Tech system is easy to understand and apply. Raiid is based on a tried and tested model for making affiliate commissions, so this is not theory.

Guaranteed to Get Results

Raiid uses clever tech which reveals everything from nothing more than a keyword input.

Once those winning products are revealed, Raiid finds and matches the content with the product, and users affiliate link before syndicating.

When you follow the instructions, and use Raiid, you can realistically expect to get real results within days. which will grow the more they use it.

It’s easy to use, it’s newbie-friendly and Raiid generates results for you across 276 different categories. You don’t need any experience. You don’t need websites, or hosting.
You won’t need to figure anything out. And there are No additional costs.

Raiid Benefits

How Much Does Raiid Cost?

Front End Features: (RAIID – CORE) –

Research: Raiid includes the first to market research module for clickbank. Users can instantly research / find the best selling product in clickbank using keywords with one click. Users can filter products by various filters like their popularity, Earning %, avg sale, Gravity, Recurring etc without ever needing to log-into ClickBank.

Promote: Users can choose 2-3 products to promote at a time. Raiid automatically selects posts in the same category/sub category/Niche and displays.

Create: Users can select posts from the displayed posts/ plus they can add their own posts
Spin: Users can spin content automatically.
Built In Links: Users affiliate links are automatically embedded by the software as it creates content.

Syndicate: Users can then syndicate CB Promo Posts across 5 high traffic platforms for free traffic

Training: Video training included

FE monthly quota (no recurring fees)
1 Sub domain
1 Domain – Cname mapping
Promote 10 products per month
5 platform syndication

OTO 1 – Raiid Heist –

Same features as FE with the following additions

Same features as FE with the following additions
Unlimited use
3 Sub domains
3 Domain – Cname mapping
Promote UNLIMITED products per month
Syndicate across 12 high traffic platforms

OTO 2 – Raiid Smash & Grab –

Same features as FE with the following additions

Automate: Users can set keywords enabling the Raiid system to check for related posts & content according to set schedule and then create with users embedded affiliate link and post.
5 Sub domains
5 Domain – Cname mapping

OTO3 – Raiid Smash & Grab (Pixel added to sales page) –

User Pixel is added to Swarm sales page enabling them to build a large targeted audience.

OTO4 – Raiid AGENCY (Reseller package) –

OTO5 – Raiid – 1k Week V2 (Price: 7)

1k Week V2 video tutorial with Done-for-you products. 6 Products
All the user needs to do is fill in the blanks, generate and give away high quality pre-configured products. Each product becomes unique to the user after filling in the blanks.
Users benefit from an inbuilt promotional structure.

Bonuses For Raiid Buyers

If you decide to purchase Raiid Affiliate System through my link, I have a CUSTOM BONUS PACK that’s going to increase your results with this easy to use system.

Bonus 1

Clickbank Converters
Raiid Bonus 1

CLICKBANK CONVERTERS is a collection of top Clickbank offers that are proven winners. Also included inside are top converting recurring Clickbank offers



Bonus 2

WP Affiliate Suite WordPress tarining
Raiid Bonus 2

WP Affiliate Suite is a three in one product created by Chris Derenger. The first part is a website with a custom theme for you. Second part is the WordPress training he gives you to get the website up and running the right way. The third part of WP Affiliate Suite is a full Affiliate Marketing training so you can make money from the website and email marketing. Also inside the members area there is a DFY WordPress theme store where there are many more themes in lots of niches.

Bonus 3?, Bonus 4? Bonus 5?

–>> Go To My Custom Bonus Page To See The Rest Of Raiid Affiliate System Bonuses<<–

Should You Buy Raiid?

Raiid is a great system for anyone to make affiliate commissions. No websites or hosting needed with a quick setup for beginners.

Experienced marketers will like the ease and speed of building another income stream using tried and true, Clickbank.


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