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How To Make money with YouTube Dark Knight Commissions.

Getting in front of a camera to make videos can be an intimidating task for most people. When we see or hear ourselves for the first time on video we often say, “Do I really sound like that? or I look weird”. However, if you can get over that initial disbelief or fear over how you look or sound, it will be easier for you to make money on YouTube using affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, or even selling your own products or services.

If you can’t overcome the fear of being on camera, you can still be wildly successful on YouTube.

There are many ways to make a video without being on camera or speaking.There are hundreds of channels that already have millions of views with videos.

Here’s one channel I found.

Channels that make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing.


The Review Tube channel  is full of videos with no faces on camera. He has 134,000 Subscribers and the videos are getting hundreds of thousands and millions of views.

The best thing about using YouTube is anyone can do it. But, there is a right and wrong way to set up your YouTube channels, videos, and income stream. If you do it wrong, you are not going to see results you hoped for.

By following a proven method that even works for new YouTube channels, you can quickly start to make videos that will get in front of millions of people and make money online with affiliate marketing and YouTube.

How To Make Money On YouTube With Affiliate Marketing 

  1. Get Started. This is the biggest hurdle for newbies. You don’t need any expensive camera equipment, video editing software because the only requirements are you need some type of camera either smartphone , webcam, or video camera. Free video editing software for YouTube videos is availaable in many places. Hitfilm Express, OBS Studios
  2. Choosing a Niche – Do your research and find a niche. A personal interest in the niche helps when making content but by no means do you have to be an expert on the subject, whatever it is. Don’t know, Google it. Your niche needs some competition, needs to have a variety of topics or sub-niches to make content creation easy and long term, needs many products to promote with decent commissions. NOT Amazon! Find the ideal or target customer avatar in that niche. Find out who your ideal or target customer is, where they hang out on line, and discover what the biggest problems or pains they face.
  3. Finding affiliate Products To Promote – If you do your research correctly, you should have an idea who you will be targeting as a customer, their problems, and solutions to their problems. Now the question is where to find appropriate affiliate products to offer as a solution to the problem(s). ShareaSale, CJ, MaxBounty, Clickbank, Offervault are all good places to start. I don’t recommend Amazon Associates Program because you need to drive a lot more traffic now to compensate for the slashed commission rates that Amazon introduced in recent months.
  4. Make content people actually want to see and don’t be afraid to tell viewers to click your link!.  Research is the key. Use tools like the Chrome extension Vid IQ. If you were uploading videos in the tech niche Vid IQ will show you the top tech videos on YouTube the past month, the past six months, etc. You can sort this by views and engagements also. What I recommend doing is sorting it by views and then going into the past. This will show you videos uploaded in the past week to have the highest amount of views and engagement. Use these videos as a model for yours because you know they are already proven on YouTube. Don’t copy the videos, don’t say exactly what they say in the video. Make the videos in your own words and make the content unique. Use the niche research and mold your review video around how the product in video is going to solve a problem for your targeted niche audience (that you have discovered in your research). This taps into a better targeted viewer which increases chances of sales without needing a massive amount of views and clicks to your affiliate link. Turn these viewers into your Subscribers.
  5. Keep people on YouTube to watch more videos. YouTube wants people to stick around and watch more videos. The longer viewers are watching the more revenue for YouTube. If you can help people stay and watch more, YouTube will reward for it by putting you in front of more viewers. One way to keep people engaged and watching more is to make sequential videos. Videos that are working and getting views, likes, and comments can be followed up with a Part 2, Part 3, etc. If viewers like Part 1 then they will most likely continue in the series. Each video can grow in views and likes extremely fast.
  6. Use great titles and thumbnails. Take the time to write several potential headlines using the keywords you want to target and then narrow down to a winner. Your Keywords should be in the title. A great thumbnail can skyrocket views.
  7. Write a good description for your video.  Your description should have your affiliate link inside and definitely at the top. This is how you get paid. If people have to look too hard for a link, they won’t bother. Use your keywords sprinkled inside. Do not fill it with loads of keywords. This is keyword stuffing and you will be penalized in rankings. 200 -300 words of content should be good.
  8. Encourage people to comment and reply back. YouTube will see the interactions as a positive and will send more people to watch the video.This also builds a relationship with subscribers so they get to know, like, and trust you.
  9. Make the best video you can. Your videos will improve as long as you keep making them. Consistency will see your efforts being rewarded by YouTube.
  10. Follow proven methods that get results! No Blackhat or spammy methods like buying thousands of views or subscribers! They will get your channel pushed down in rankings, de-monetized ( no more Google Adsense), or worse shut down. When setting up YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need to have the right info in the correct place. This follows the best practices that Google and YouTube tell us to use and if done their way will result in happy search engines that send you boatloads of traffic, FREE.for your channel, video uploads, tags , and description. This includes an In-depth Keyword research.

If learning a simple, proven method would help you get more views to your videos, more subscribers to your channel, and affiliate commissions I think you could use the 27 training videos that take a newbies at zero, to earning $300 a day with real documented and repeated results! It does take some work but it’s well worth it as every video and channel can still earn money for you months and years from now.

Recurring Income With YouTube Videos

Affiliate Marketing Recurring income products that sell.

Think about this…

In the long term, making money on YouTube with affiliate marketing, can make your future finances worry free. Every video you make correctly with an affiliate link attached to it, can be watched and links clicked 24 hours a day, everyday, for years to come. When doing a review channel, plan video reviews using a balance of new products Combined with a solid base of Evergreen products.

Evergreen affiliate products are goods or services people are always going to need and use. This is true for every niche.

For example

In the dog niche, people will always need

  • food
  • collars
  • toys
  • training programs
  • guides on breeds
  • you get the idea

If you have an audience of internet marketers they will need

  • Domains
  • hosting
  • Keyword tools
  • WordPress themes and plugins
  • page builders
  • auto responders
  • constant training on new methods and tools

Online tools for affiliate marketers that have a monthly or yearly subscription can produce some long term income for you and commission rates tend to be 40% and up.

Having a mix of promotions ensures that fast, negative changes in trending products you are promoting, doesn’t affect all of your income.

If you had a video that had a small amount of traffic make you fifty ($50) dollars a day, without you having to do anything else to it, how much would that be in say, three years.

50 x 365 = $18,250/year x 3 years = $54,750

If you could do this, which is a modest daily profit from one video, how many videos should you make?

A new in depth video training called Dark Knight Commissions shows brand new channel creators an A to Z method that they can use to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing.

–>Watch the review video to learn more about this side hustle with YouTube<–

Proven results with videos that you don’t appear on camera for.

This eliminates the number 1 reason people don’t make money with video uploads to YouTube. The fear of being on camera simply doesn’t let you make YouTube videos. So, if you don’t make the videos for the video watching website, you don’t get views, clicks, subscribers, or affiliate commissions.


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