How To Choose Affiliate Marketing Products To Promote

how to choose affiliate marketing products to promote
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As a new affiliate marketer, one of the hardest things to figure out is how to choose affiliate marketing products to promote that make you the biggest commissions. But before you start promoting products as an affiliate, there are some important affiliate marketing questions to answer before you can make any sales and commissions, especially as a newbie affiliate marketer.

Discover How To Choose Winning Affiliate  Marketing Products To Promote 

Use this simple guide to find those often hidden affiliate marketing offers that your customers will buy like crazy, then beg you for more!

No, we aren’t going to try to hypnotize our potential customers into becoming our sales slave with some mass-hypnosis message embedded in a YouTube video. There is no trickery, cons, or lies involved either. Quite the opposite. You are going to help people find a solution to a problem or pain they’re having.

Important (Newbie) Affiliate Marketer Questions

Before trying to make money online and promoting products as an affiliate marketer, there are a couple of questions you need to answer to give you a head start to creating a real online business.

What is my niche?

Your first task should be to define a niche that you’re going to sell to. Narrow down to a specific group or sub-niche.

For example, “dogs” would be a very broad niche where “dog training” narrows it down further. In this sub-niche you can drill down even further such as dog training for puppies, dog training for each specific breed, dog training for guard dogs, etc.

Who is buying products in this niche and why?

When you drill down you will see the exact people you should be targeting with your promotions.

Knowing your customers problems or pain and being able to offer helpful solutions to those particular pain points is just good marketing. This will improve your conversions and commissions because you know exactly what these people are looking for.

Do your research or pay someone to do it for you. You can buy niche reports if not really sure if you’re doing the proper research yourself. That will save you time and prevent you from getting stuck on one of your very first steps when finding winning affiliate products.

How’s the competition?

The amount of competition can give you an indicator if the niche is profitable. If there’s competition then there is money in that niche. However, too much competition is not good, especially if in high ticket niches like the financial and mortgage niches. It will cost you more for ads, content, and promotions to get in front of this audience. Not recommended for newbies!

What products are available to promote?

Your niche must have a wide variety of items to promote with a mix of both physical and digital items. This accommodates a variety of customers in your market.

affiliate networks to promote

Check affiliate networks like Amazon, Clickbank, JvZoo, Warrior Plus, Max Bounty, just to name a few.

Another great resource to find high paying affiliate programs is The Megabook of Affiliate Programs which has 500 different affiliate programs to make commissions with.

If you’ve ever spent time searching for products t promote, you’ll appreciate having all these programs to check out in one place.

Before you can go offering everything that You might want, are you sure your customers want the same things?

There are a number of guidelines you should bear in mind when choosing products to advertise to your niche. Often, things can get complicated as well as what might be snapped up by some individuals within the niche may be ignored by others.

So, it’s vital to get your product in front of only the people who are wanting that product at the right time to obtain maximum number of sales with minimum of time and money spent.

Follow these guidelines below when looking for good affiliate products to sell and answer the following questions.

Guidelines On How To Choose Affiliate Products To Promote

Does it fit your specific niche?

This is a very crucial point. You need to understand what your target market is searching for.

If you’re in the golf niche, promoting body building supplements such as mass or weight gainers might not sell. Nevertheless, a book about improving one’s shoulder stamina might be a hit for people wishing to boost their golf swing.

You have to recognize the needs as well as issues your target market is facing.

Know your niche

A hectic mama aiming to lose weight will need a guide that demonstrates how one can lose the fat with 15-minute quick workouts. That very same guide or overview will not be as excitedly bought by women looking to drop weight with a simpler program like yoga.

As you can see, the problem is the same for everyone, but the products that’ll interest your audience as individuals will certainly be different.

For this reason, every marketer should do a deep research dive into their audience and niche before choosing affiliate products to promote.

To narrow down and find the best selling products that your audience loves, some testing of different affiliate offers will be necessary.

Product Vendor

Another element when choosing affiliate offers is to check out the products vendor.

If you’re promoting items on Amazon, you don’t have to worry way too much. Everyone counts on Amazon as well as they do a fantastic work at selling.

Nevertheless, if you’re advertising a weight-loss overview from a website, the qualifications of the writer will certainly be necessary. An obese person marketing a fat burning eBook, or a hairless person marketing a hair restoration formula will certainly not motivate confidence in any person.

Examine the vendor’s trustworthiness.

Do they have a reputation creating for high quality products?

What about their support? Will you be promoting a product that will not be maintained or supported by the developers or creators?

Sales web page

Is the sales copy for the product convincing?

Does it make unreal promises or hyped up? Keep in mind you will be aligning your business and reputation with this page when you choose to promote it. How does it make you feel?

This applies to both physical as well as digital products.

Buy online products.Does it make You want to buy the affiliate product?

An affiliate marketer’s job is to “sell the click” and get visitors to the sales page. From there, the product creator’s sales copy sells the product.

If the copy writing and sales page are poorly done, there’s a good chance the product is crap. Do not promote.

Does it address a problem?

Choosing affiliate marketing products that fix problems will certainly and more constantly sell much better than those that are just for pleasing wants.

No one hesitates about purchasing aspirin when they have a headache … yet the cool pair of sunglasses that cost $180 might require far more persuasion in your marketing efforts.

Don’t promote scammy or useless products. Again, research and check out sales page and vendor history and reputation.

What do the reviews say?Check reviews of products before promoting.

Look at the reviews and customer testimonials for the product. makes this simple by supplying rankings and evaluations from verified consumers.

Promote products with a high ranking as well as several positive evaluations. The same relates to digital items.

Before promoting digital products ask the product creator or vendor for access to a review copy. You may need to ask permission and an affiliate link before promoting.

Some vendors will happily accept you as an affiliate and grant review access but most often not if you have no sales or sent bad traffic to offers in past.

If they don’t give you affiliate status, simply carry on and find another product to promote.

 Choosing Viral Affiliate Marketing Products To Promote

Catching a hot trend can make you a lot of money fast!

Check Google Trends to see if the product is in demand. The trending keywords are provided by Google for each topic.

Google trends for affiliate marketing

Sometimes, items are very popular as a result of a craze or fad, but after that all of it unexpectedly wanes.
Look at fidget spinners and Pokemon Go. You can probably think of a couple others also.

While it’s nice to capitalize on trends, it takes a lot of work and time to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not.

Selling Evergreen products

To generate a reliable income each month online, you should find Evergreen affiliate offers to promote. Evergreen products have a long life in the marketplace and have been tried and tested proven sellers.

Often they are products that people would use everyday and might even be a recurring monthly or yearly subscription. Recurring monthly payments are a good way to increase profits from your promotions.

However, finding high converting recurring payment products can take some time to do the research. Fortunately, Val Wilson has put together a List of 250 recurring payment products for you to promote. Having this resource is going to save you time researching and finding affiliate products that pay every month from one sale.

Every niche has evergreen products and should make up part of your on going affiliate marketing promotions.

Affiliate marketing evergreen product examples:

  • Website Hosting – Siteground, Bluehost, 5 Cloud Hosting,
  • Funnel and page builders – Clickfunnels, Profitbuilder, Instabuilder
  • Autoresponders – Mailvio, Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp

Promote evergreen products so you’re not always trying to catch up.

Evergreen products should be a staple for affiliate marketers because they don’t rely on fads or trends and often are recurring commissions.

They are usually just good products that work and people need.

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