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Did you know that you can use today’s latest AI technology to improve your business. However, the biggest questions when setting up a Chatbot are how much is it going to cost and how to actually build your chatbot to sell products online? to use this AI chatbot solution to sell online? Big companies have already figured this out with large investments of research, time, and money to develop Facebook Messenger Chatbots. This big investment kept most smaller companies unable to develop their own. Until now.

Now, a training made by Aidan Corkery, Wayne Crowe, and Travis Stephenson, has given you an AI Chatbot Solution for small businesses and affiliate marketers. Even if you have no coding experience, a budget, or know how to put a campaign together.

How can a small business or affiliate marketers use AI to sell products and services for them online?

Now due to technological advances in AI, even a small business or affiliate marketer can design and build a Facebook messenger bots to sell online and meet their needs for customer service quickly and cheaply (almost free).

Chatbots can assist website visitors and if they have any questions to point the customer in the right direction. An automated customer service chatbot could, at the very least, free time up from a real employee to do other tasks other than answering basic questions from customers.

However, complicated questions need human interaction. In this case the bot would direct the customer to email address and hours of service when they could talk to representative in person.

A chatbot could promote new product reviews or offers in a series, like an autoresponder, but with much better open rates.

What is a Chatbot?Building an AI Chatbot Solutions

Chatbots are computer programs that respond to human messages.

They use AI and can generally be designed in one of two ways:

  1. The first is based on a set of rules that dictate the bot’s replies to specific commands or queries.
  2. The goal of this design is a chatbot that comprehends the nuances of human language and interacts accordingly. This chatbot technology is heavily based in AI.

Benefits of Using Chatbots

There are many benefits that a small business or affiliate marketer should take advantage of.

  • Can be used with any business in any niche
  • 24 hour service
  • Instant response for the customer and gives answers to simple questions.
  • Complaints can be resolved quickly which will mean a good customer experience and increased sales.
  • Messenger bots can gather customer insights and data to serve your customers better. When interacting with them, Insights on their problems, preferences, interests will help you create content tailored to what they want or like and have it available.
  • Saves money  – Wages for extra customer support staff
    – Training – Bots use the same script you give every time – no ad lib by                                                   humans (can make copywriting efforts ineffective) so the exact                                            message in the script is delivered to your customer.
    –  Multiple Languages
  • Test new scripts and campaigns easily
  • The script and interaction with the customer isn’t affected by a human’s mood or personality.

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Affiliate Marketer’s Advantage for Using Chatbots

  • Messenger bots can be used in every niche.
  • The biggest advantage for affiliate marketers to use messenger bots are the high open and click through rates.
    Around 90 percent open rate for a Messenger bot versus 23% email open rate.
  • Facebook messenger bot Click Through Rates (CTR) blow email out of the water at around 30 percent where email is at a measly 3 percent.
  • This is a technology that customers will still be using in the future.
  • According to Business Insider, the Chatbot market is expected to grow from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024 with an annual compound growth rate of(CAGR) of 29.7%.
  • More companies like British Airways, Linkedin, eBay, and Starbucks are supporting Chatbots to benefit their customers.
  • As messenger bots get used more by consumers and businesses, developing newer, better AI Chatbot Technology will be a priority so more people and markets will benefit.
  • Business Insider Intelligence predicts that by 2023, 73% of healthcare admin tasks could be AI driven and could save retail, banking, and healthcare services sector $11 billion per year.
  • 64% of internet users say 24 hour service is the best feature about chatbots. The internet doesn’t sleep at night. Neither should your sales or customer service departments.

Chatbots can deal with simple questions but a more complicated question, a real person needs to interact and solve the problem to help the customer.

Problems and Challenges with Messenger Bots

Not long ago there were many challenges building and integrating a Messenger bot into a full time role interacting with customers. Until recently, they were very difficult to set up from scratch without guidance and a programmer with the knowledge and skills to build it. This costs time and money.

Today it’s easy to get started using bots inside messenger. No coding or development needed.

Facebook Messenger bot services like ManyChat, provide a platform for you to send your messages from for a fee. The Messenger bot given inside Chatmat Profitz is free and is very easy to set up messages and use overall.

Another problem you may encounter is knowing what to write and the flow of the messages. Before writing a sequence of messages, take the time to learn

  • What kind of language to use in your conversation bot.
  • Designing a conversation flow plan.
  • What tone to use in your conversation bot

If you research the audience you’re targeting, you should know their pains, problems, and some of their language and terminology. Ensure to use this information when planning messenger chatbot sequences to get more engagement and increase conversions.

Inside Chatmat Profitz, Aidan starts you off by giving you the messages he uses in his bots. These messagest are going to get opened, read, and acted upon. Not everyone knows where to start or what to say.

This solves the problem and eliminates writing messages that leave your audience scratching their heads and not opening.

Get Chatmat Profitz NOW and Start Growing a Highly Engaged and Responsive Messenger Bot List Today! 

Email Marketing versus Facebook Messenger bots

Are AI chatbot solutions to sell online better than email marketing methods?

With an email, before anyone reads the email, your writing, which includes the Subject line and body, requires tailoring your message with words that don’t trigger the inbox police (the spam filters that put your message in the spam folder). Which, if it ends up in Spam, and the recipient isn’t specifically looking for it, they will not see or open the email.

Even if it ends up in the inbox, the recipient still needs to open it. Another challenge.

When we compare Email optins, open rates, and click through rates (CTRs) to messenger bots, bots outperform in all areas.

Average open rates are about 23 percent for email average click-through rates are about 3 percent.
Chatbots can get extremely high open rates, as high as 90 percent. That means 9 out of 10 people who join your chat bot will open, and more importantly click on the links you send because the average click-through rate for chatbots is 30 percent.

Although chatbots get good open rates to begin with, people still struggle with not knowing how to set up the proper sequence and the right message.

Is Email Dead?

Now don’t cancel your autoresponder just yet!

Email might be on a decline, but it’s certainly not dead! It is still popular enough to make it worthwhile and profitable. By 2024 there’s estimated to be almost 4.5 billion email users.
The quality of your emails play a larger role now. It needs to make it into the inbox, and the subscriber needs to want to hear what you have to say.

Chatbots are a great supplement to an email marketing campaign or affiliate promotion which can drive those extra few sales you might need to hit the leaderboard or make a campaign a success. Chatbots can also drive customers to a membership site for which you receive recurring monthly payments.

This means potential for passive monthly income.

Chatmat Profitz


As we’ve been talking about Facebook Messenger bots, we’ve seen they were hard to work with and set up for a business in the past. We’ve also talked about how much that has changed but the big deal with messenger bots is the profitability.

When we compared email and messenger bots, the AI solution has a big advantage in open and click through rates. This means more people (up to 90% open) are reading your messages compared to 3% email open rates.

Chatmat Profitz takes chat bots and everything you’ve heard about them and gives you a ready to hit the ground running, even if you’re brand new online, product.

Questions like what software do you use, what messages do I write and how to set up a sequence, are all answered inside Chatmat Profitz.

The creators have come up with a solution to the secrets of a successful Facebook messenger bot which, until now, were only available to Big Business.

The three secrets to using AI chatbots to sell online and seeing success straight away are revealed in Chatmat Profitz.

  1. Getting the right traffic
  2. Finding a successful done for you system
  3. Getting the right messenger bot software.

The right traffic is provided by Wayne Crowe, who can give you the best proven traffic source available online. He’s spent millions of dollars on traffic and basically gives you a high quality traffic source that works.

Travis gives you the messenger bot software you need to use for free. and the other partner Aiden Corkery, has set up a done for you Facebook messenger bot system that gives you absolutely everything you need to get started the right way, straight away.

When you combine Wayne’s traffic, Aidan’s system, and Travis’s software, you’ve got a complete done for you system that you can get set up in absolutely no time and start making new commissions with messenger bots right away.

I recommend Chatmat Profitz, it’s a total package for the beginner or the experienced.

Everything is given to you, including traffic, making this a quick set up because you have all the pieces and the training to make it work.

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